Cornerstone Services Spring Raffle

With Your Help, We ALL Win!

At Cornerstone we love to win–and we’re pretty good at it! Every day we help people find new ways to thrive and succeed in the community: new friends, first jobs, learning a new skill, or maybe learning about oneself. When someone at Cornerstone makes a breakthrough–no matter how big or small–we call that a “win.”

This is why we want to share that great feeling of winning with you! And the best way we can think of to do this is with our fantastic Spring Raffle!

You have multiple opportunities to win: 1st prize is $2,500; 2nd prize is $1,000; 3rd prize is $500. And on Fridays beginning March 29, we hold a drawing for a $100 prize! With plenty of fantastic prizes and drawings every week, you have more chances than ever to win! And, since all proceeds directly benefit the programs that help people with disabilities at Cornerstone, it’s really more of a “win-win” for all of us!

The winners will be announced Thursday, April 25 by radio personality Scott Slocum at 8:10 a.m. on WJOL 1340AM. If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact Liz Johnson, Fundraising and Events Manager, at 815-741-6743, and she will gladly assist you.

We would also appreciate your spreading the word about our raffle! Can you let your friends and family know how great an organization Cornerstone is? We rely on the ongoing support of family and friends like you to continue our mission of providing progressive, comprehensive services for people with disabilities. Thank you again for all you do for Cornerstone throughout the year!